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Why One Designer Bag is Better Than a Million Others

By: Diana Marks


Being a woman is hard. I am sure lots of you ladies will agree with me. I won't go into detail about all the burdens we have to carry, like looking good 100% of the time, painful beauty procedures, pregnancy ,mood swings, and many, many more, but I will elaborate more in depth on fashion problems.

As a lady, and especially as a blogger, I always have this pressure to look good and stylish all the time. I have to come up with ways to make my wardrobe versatile and have new outfits rather often without breaking the bank. I am a true believer in affordable clothing, but when it comes to shoes and bags I am usually very picky and prefer high end designers most of the time. You might think that one must have a lot of money to be able to wear designer shoes and bags, but apparently this is not a requirement. While it is true that those items can cost a fortune, it doesn't mean that you have to pay that high-ticket price. Thanks to Loehmann's we now have access to everything we could ever dream of for a fraction of the price. But back to my talk...

Personally I don't have a lot of bags in my collection, which should sound very strange for a fashion blogger, but there is a reason for that. No matter how many bags I have, I end up giving away run-of-the-mill ones to friends, family, and charities and keep only the designer pieces for myself. There are many reasons why only a few designer bags keep me satisfied with my not-so-big bag collection, and here are a few of them:


The reason for the ridiculously high designer bag price is not only the designer's name itself you are buying, but also the quality that comes with it. They are most likely to be made with real leather and are simply designed to last.


Ordinary bags are cool for a second, and then you get bored of them and want something new. Designer bags usually have a classy look that will still be relevant and unique not only after a few seasons but even after a decade!


A designer bag completes any look effortlessly and elegantly and never gets boring. You can wear it every day with a different outfit and remain classy and fresh each time.


Although you may not devise your wardrobe entirely of designer brands, a luxury bag will add a touch of class and quality to your ensemble. Go for bold colors to draw attention to your bag and make it the focus of your whole look.

Overall, designer bags are ideal for someone who appreciates quality over quantity and timeless elegance over a quick and trendy fix.

Here are a few of my favorite Designer Handbag pick's from Loehmann's:



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