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Shop for Transitioning White From Summer To Fall

Transitioning White from Summer to Fall

By: Sarah Butler


A month may have passed since Labor Day, but I’m still wearing white and let me tell you why. White is fresh, it’s crisp, it’s classic. White symbolizes elegance, sophistication, and luxury. Why let an archaic rule decide when and how the color is worn? It’s time to update our style doctrine; white is no longer reserved solely for the summer season and brides on their wedding day. Anyways, rules are meant to be broken, right?!

So how to wear this once fashion faux pas, you ask? For the bold, head-to-toe is the ultimate statement. To take inspiration from the current trouser suit trend this fall, try layering white-on-white with your favorite blazer, blouse, and pants. For an office-ready approach, accessorize your sharp suiting with a black heel and handbag for a sophisticated fashion statement. Opt for a classic leather pump and structured handbag with clean lines for a powerful combination. When the weekend calls, add statement jewelry, preferably a necklace or bangle, to up your elegance factor. Select bold jewelry with large stones or perhaps go all gold for jetsetter appeal. When choosing to accessorize with jewelry, opting for a white heel will keep your look feeling polished from head-to-toe.

Not ready to go all in? Select one white item and make it the showstopper of your look. Simply pair a white jacket, dress, or skinny jean with coordinating black pieces. An all black outfit is all too easy to fall back on when you’re not feeling especially inspired. So the next time you find yourself in your favorite black top and denim, throw on a white blazer for a unique look. Or, ditch your go-to black pants or skinnies every once in a while for white denim. Add a leather jacket and ankle boot and you’ve just made white fall appropriate. That’s the thing, white is edgy when worn in the fall. That’s what makes it so appealing. One trick to mastering white after Labor Day is to make sure you are picking fall fabrics and textures. So avoid linen and opt for wool or knits. Another tactic is to go for a creamier white rather than an ultra-bright white. Finally, think about your accessories and accent your white look with a bold lip, a sleek ponytail, or a playful top knot. Soon you’ll find white to be a year round staple in your wardrobe.


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