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Shop for Layering like a Pro for Dropping Temps

Layering like a Pro for Dropping Temps

By: Rachael Dickhute


Winter is my favorite season. The thing I love most about it is the opportunity for layering. Piling on boots, booties, denim, coats…it’s all so exciting. Ever since Burberry cornered the trench coat market, I’ve collected outerwear as if my life depended on it.

My approach to winter layering is simple color coding. As in, remember the primary colors on the color wheel? I apply its foundational logic to my winter wardrobe. Typically there’s a color of the season which Pantone and the other trendsetters set forth for the consumer to follow. This season I’ve noticed that greys and blush tones have carried over from fall and summer. They are the palette for a jet-setter style consisting of a simple cashmere duster, black tee, and comfy jeans with zip knee-high boots.

When I layer, I start with my primary color, which is usually black or white, and work my way out from there keeping with the tonal theme. For example, I begin with a white top paired with dark wash denim, and top it off with a navy mid length coat, black ankle boots, and a light blue scarf. Or, I start with a lightweight brown long-sleeve top and a camel toned waist-length jacket and black denim, partnered with beige knee high boots. Each time, I only introduce one color tone.

That way, you can focus all your creativity on accessorizing, hair, and make up!


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