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Shop for Travel Essentials for Comfort & Style

Travel Essentials for Comfort & Style

By: Rachael Dickhute


As a fashion blogger and jet setter, I am constantly on the go. Sometimes without much notice or thought, I find myself taking weekend trips, day long adventures, road trips, or hopping back and forth from West to East coasts.No matter the reason or rhyme, I am very much keen on making my travel in between as convenient and easy going as possible. I prefer to enjoy my journey, no matter the vessel or means of transport. Since I do it often, I have become quite the expert packer and trip planner, granted I do occasionally like to 'fly by the seat of my pants' and just go with the flow.


My tips on easy jet-setting consist of these key steps and necessities:


Have a charge!! This goes for all devices. For me it's my camera, phone, iPad, mobile charger and back up mobile charger (sounds overboard but I promise it comes in handy).


Wheels come in handy— choose the right luggage, don't just go based on how stylish it looks, granted that should be number one (let's be honest). My duffle bags even have wheels. I prefer to get my arm work outs at the gym, not at the airport. I always bring my laptop-sized satchel, by Kate Spade, for my carry-on.


Ensemble is key! Really, you should look your best while traveling because you never know who you will run into. I have heard entirely too many stories of how someone met their life partner at the airport, train station, etc. So I am not taking any risks, even if it is a 5:00 AM flight with two layovers.


Typically, I layer because I get cold easily. But I keep it simple, since you basically have to disrobe in public at airports these days. My travel get up normally consists of a lightweight leather jacket, zip ankle boots (with a block heel), a basic top, and dark denim (turbulence is murder on light colors).



Finally, a few basics but must-haves: a silk eye mask, a few good books (a gal needs options), aviators (since they don't typically require a large case), and an analog watch for the time changes.




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