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Shop for Maintaining Style Amid Seasonal Chaos

Maintaining Style Amid Seasonal Chaos

By: Rachael Dickhute



As we drift between winter and spring, I decided to put together a few transitional weather outfits packed full with accessories for making it through this time of ever changing weather.


Style is something that is oftentimes sacrificed for comfort during inclement weather, but it doesn't have to be. My recommendation is to layer the clothes to the appropriate level of comfort and then play the outfit up with accessories. It can be slightly more difficult to maintain style while dressing for colder weather without over doing it. Also, there is no need to freeze for the sake of style. Remember, function over form.



Throw in pops of color, brazen hats, bold jewelry and keep the outfit simple and functional and you will still look fabulous! Plus, accessories are always more affordable than filling your wardrobe with heavier pieces that only last until March or April. The accessories you invest in can last year round and be versatile enough for all seasons. For example, add a pair of colorful statement drop earrings for a pop of chic to peak out from under a black beanie! Or combine a pair of deep blue boots with your black rain coat and black pants for a splash of color.


There are so many fashionable choices right now for snow and rain boots, not to mention stylish riding boots made of quality material that can pose as either. Typically, I wear my favorite knee-high leather boots with a low heel when on the East Coast. Here on the West Coast, we are boot people year round and love pairing them with jeans, dresses, and shorts as the weather changes. Scarves can be tied in hundreds of ways to be stylish and functional. There are so many fabulous YouTube tutorials on the many ways to rock a scarf!



I have compiled a few ways I incorporate my accessories, no matter the weather, which can be toned up or down based on your style preference. Also, here is a list of a few must haves to test out this season as you are playing between style and function! Most importantly, make the look your own and play around with the trends each season. As I mentioned, hats and scarves are so versatile and are perfect ways to incorporate current fads and keep your style relevant to the season’s colors.


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